Inn på tunet (Green Care) refers to individually adapted and quality-assured welfare services on farms. The services shall stimulate coping skills, development and well-beeing.

Farms are properties that are used for farming, forestry og gardens. The activities offered in the Green Care service relate to the farm and its daily life and operations.

The unique aspect of Green care is that it uses the farm as an arena for welfare services. The farms have physical facilities that lend themselves to a diversity of activities, and also have surroundings that can provide the users with positive stimuli and experiences.

Inn på tunet Norge SA represents Green care farms all over Norway. Our goal is to ensure the members economics interest, and ensure the members’ common interest such as development of materials, strategy, billing systems and contracts with the local authorities.

The services that the members provide target a wide spectrum of sectors, including education, after-school care, occupational training, day care services for persons with dementia and adapted services for mental health.

We have an approval scheme for Green Care- farms in Norway. The quality of services is documented based on criteria based in law, regulations, and professional practices for the service in question. The certification is mandatory for Green Care- farms and there are 400 farms in Norway today.

Inn på tunet Norge SA